1. Do I need special software to access Power Hour modules?

No. All materials are provided in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

2. Is Power Hour an e-learning module?

No. Power Hour is a LIVE training format. You get all the materials you need to run an interactive workshop with a group of people.

3. What do I get when I buy Power Hour training materials?

You get a Session Leader's Guide, which explains exactly how to run the session, a detailed Delegate Workbook that contains all the relevant content, a Key Points Sheet which has summary information on it and, with most Power Hours, extra handouts and activity sheets to support the session. Optional PowerPoint slides are included, but aren't necessary.

4. Can I edit the training materials myself? 

All Power Hour training materials are offered as either PDF files or editable Word versions for a higher price. If you wish to edit the materials, buy the Word versions.

5. Do I need a laptop and projector to run the sessions?

No. Power Hour bite-size training sessions don't rely on slides (although we do provide them, they are entirely optional). Not everyone has the facility to use them, and slides can encourage the session to be one-way i.e. just 'chalk and talk'. Our sessions are designed to be fully interactive, using brain-friendly techniques, and all the information you and your delegates need is included in the Workbook and Session Leaders Notes. 

6. Will you deliver the sessions for us?

Yes if you want us to, and especially if the sessions are to be run in the North West UK. Our fees for delivering the sessions can be found here.

7. Do we have to use your trainers to deliver the sessions?

No. You can use whoever you want to deliver the training as long as you have bought the right version.

8. What if we want lots of trainers to deliver sessions in lots of locations?

Simply buy the Corporate (Multi-User) version rather than the single user version. You can then distribute the materials WITHIN YOUR OWN ORGANISATION as you wish.

9. Can I give delegates a copy of the training materials, or do I have to buy a set for each person?

You can print off the delegate materials i.e. Delegate Workbook, Key Points Sheet and handouts as many times as you like. You only need to buy one set.

10. If I buy the editable materials, can I add my own logo?

Yes. It is fine for you to dual-brand the materials, but please don't remove our name and logo completely, and make sure that our website remains on all materials.

If your question isn't here, please contact us and we will send you a personal response.