Free Training Resources

If you are a busy L&D Manager, you don't have the luxury of time to create your own resources from scratch. 

If you're a freelance (or internal) facilitator, you add value when you're facilitating sessions - NOT sitting at a desk.

Even though WE know that our bite-size training materials provide excellent quality and value, we know that YOU want to be the judge of that!

If this isn't the sort of training material you are looking for, take a look at The Training Designers Club, with a VIP membership, you gain access to weekly in-person virtual meetings, monthly CPD sessions, focused support and group coaching and access to a bank of training resources to make designing great training so much easier. 


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01. Sample Power Hour Session

Our video walk-through should give you a good idea of what you get when you buy and download the materials for one of our bite-size training sessions, but if you want to look more closely, download our sample session - which is a COMPLETE session on Shaping the Future - normally priced at £40

Power Hour Training Material Free Resources.

02. Stand-alone Handouts, Questionnaires and Guides

Add to your trainer's kit-bag with our sample handouts and resources from our sessions as well as other materials we've been told have been very helpful such as:

Hints and Tips for Running bite size training sessions

Ten Ways to Liven Up Your Training - Simple tips and techniques that can be incorporated into training sessions of almost ANY topic to make them more interactive and brain friendly.

The Sad Tale of Del the Delegate - A cautionary tale about following-up training

Here's some of the free goodies you can expect to find on the inside.....AND to help you to be the best trainer you can be, we'll send regular emails all related to designing and delivering great training.

Resources For New Managers

03. An Essential Guide for New Managers

Taking up your first management position is both exciting and just a little bit scary! So whether you are a new manager yourself, OR if you are putting together training for new managers, our Management Cycle self-study workbook could be a big help! It outlines the key activities that all managers are responsible for and provides practical advice about doing them effectively.

04. How to Manage Under-Performance

It can be difficult to know how to tackle an under-performing employee without being too harsh or too lenient! This narrated presentation summarises the core content of our Manage Under-Performance bite-size session to provide some useful guidance.

05. Stepping up to Management

Moving from team player to team leader can be daunting. It's difficult to know what you should stop, start and continue doing! Our free narrated presentation aims to help clear the fog. There's also 20 tips for new managers that you can download.

Want to know more about Power hour? Watch our videos to learn what we can offer you.