Free Training Resources


Although we feel that our materials are high quality and offer great value, we understand that you may like to 'try before you buy'. So here are a number of FREE resources that you can download in exchange for joining our mailing list. One sign up gets you access to a wide range of free resources, but here are some of our highlights.

Resources for Trainers and Training Managers

A sample Power Hour Session. 

Our video walk through should give you a good idea of what you get when you buy and download the materials for one of our bite-size training sessions, but if want to look more closely, download our sample session - exactly the same as one you would buy (minus the detail of a couple of the activities)

Stand-alone Handouts, Questionnares and Guides

We've also provided a small sample of handouts and other resources from our sessions as well as other stand-alone resources that you might find useful. These include:

  • Hints and Tips for Running bite size training sessions
  • How to deliver on-the-job training
  • Ten Ways to Liven Up Your Training - Simple tips and techniques that can be incorporated into training sessions of almost ANY topic to make them more interactive and brain friendly.
  • The Sad Tale of Del the Delegate - A cautionary tale about following-up training
  • Running Guided Role Plays - How to take away the fear from role plays and maximise the learning
  • Are you Busy or productive? - A self-score questionnaire taken from our Plan Your Time Session
  • Assess your Customer Service Skills - A self-score quiz taken from our Customer Service Power Hour
  • What stage is your team at? A quiz taken from our Practical team Building session to enable you to identify which of Tuckman's 4 stages your team is operating at.
  • Top Tips for Receiving Feedback


Resources for New Managers

An Essential Guide for New Managers

Taking up your first management position is both exciting and just a little bit scary! So whether you are a new manager yourself, OR if you are putting together training for new managers, our Management Cycle self-study workbook could be a big help! It outlines the key activities that all managers are responsible for and provides practical advice about doing them effectively.

How to Manage Under-Performance

It can be difficult to know how to tackle an under-perforning employee so that they aren't too harsh, but also, not too lenient! This narrated presentation summarises the core content of our Manage Under-Performance bite-size session to provide some useful guidance.


Stepping up to Management

Moving from team player to team leader can be daunting. It's difficult to know what you should stop, start and continue doing! Our free narrated presenation aims to help clear the fog. There's also 20 tips for new managers that you can download.