Learning at Work Week 2018


The focus for this year’s Learning at Work is Networked for Learning: How to harness all of that informal resource that is around us so that we can all take control of our learning rather than having it imposed on us.

Encouraging people to learn to learn, and to actively tap into the expertise around them as and when they need it, is essential to create agile organisations and provide just-in-time development in an efficient and cost-effective way.

So, a Power Hour bite-size training session on this very topic is coming very soon!. You can download the outline and reserve your set of training materials right now.

The best thing?

If you reserve your copy by 30th April, you will be sent the materials for a bite-size session completely FREE on 1st May. (pdf versions).

After this, the Power Hour will take the same format as all of the others and be available to buy in both pdf and editable formats, complete with optional, extra sections. If you wish to upgrade to the editable version immediately, for just £25, click here.

The session will be suitable to run with a small group (we recommend at least 4) and with large groups. Because the session can be run in just 60 minutes, it would be great way to kick of the week, or to run over lunchtimes.

Learning at Work week takes place 14th-20th May, so we guarantee to have your materials with you by the first week in May to give you time to prepare.