Management Apprenticeship Alternative


An Alternative to Management Apprenticeships

If you are a reasonably large organisation in the UK, you will have been hit by the Apprenticeship Levy. Sadly, we don't offer management apprenticeships, but we do offer an alternative...

It costs approximately £9,000 to put ONE person through a level 5 management apprenticeship and takes around 2 years to complete.

One person.

What if you could provide training for your WHOLE organisation for that £9000?

  • For £9000*, we can train up to 8 people in your organisation to deliver bite-size training AND give you ALL of our modules (in PDF format) to use. That's 45 Topics - Licence free.
  • For £16,000* we can train up to 8 people, give you our complete training library (45 topics, licence free in PDF format) AND give each of those 8 people coaching support for their first live sessions.

These internal trainers can then run workshops for everyone in your organisation effectively at no cost; developing everyone, not just a select few. Think what that will do for employee engagement and retention.

*Train the Trainer 2 days workshop and any additional on-site support will incur expenses and VAT.

For an additional £3000, materials can be provided in editable format.