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Managing Under-Performance

Has a lot in common with conservation work... it's an on-going process, but some actions mean it never gets easier, whilst others will reduce workload year on year. Here's what I mean...

The problem that many line managers have is that they:

  • AVOID the problem until it gets too big to tackle (at least with the tools they have)

  • do the RIGHT THINGS but don't follow-up (so the impact is temporary)

  • fail to address the ROOT CAUSE of the problem because it can be difficult to get to

Help managers to manage performance BEFORE it becomes a major headache for all concerned by helping them to:

  • find the root cause of the performance issue

  • work WITH the individual to put a plan in place to turn things around

  • have a positive performance improvement conversation which is far easier than having a disciplinary one!

Our bite-size training session on managing under-performance is available for face-to-face or virtual delivery and focuses on solving the problem and turning performance around rather than managing someone out of the business. Surely, that's what most managers would prefer to do?

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