This session on delegating aims to help people to learn how to make better use of their time, and develop the skills of others through delegation. It examines why people should delegate, what stops them from delegating, and provides some practical advice to allow them to identify tasks to delegate, and hand them over well.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour session attendees will be able to:


·         Describe the benefits of delegating for themselves, their organisation and their team members

·         Identify tasks that they could delegate

·         Use a structured approach to delegating to minimise the risks associated with it


 Download the Free Key Points Sheet  and a selection of PowerPoint Slides in PDF format  to get a taste of the content. Note - there are more slides included when you purchase the materials. THe detailed content is in the Session Plan and Delegate Workbook.

Delegate - VIRTUAL session (PDF Version)

  • The Outline for this session is as follows: 

     •Welcome and Introduction (including benefits of delegating) – Trainer and delegate input

     •Blocks and Barriers to delegating – (Optional) Trainer-led discussion

     •What to delegate. The ‘Do Delay Delegate Dump’ Model – Trainer input, individual activity and group discussion

     •Choosing what to delegate using Force-field analysis - (Optional) Pairs exercise and group discussion

    •Levels of Delegation - Trainer led activity and discussion

     •How to delegate – Flipchart/post-it note activity

     •Authority, Accountability and responsibility – Trainer input

     •An 8-step process for effective delegation – Trainer input and group exercise

     •Who to delegate to? (the Skill/Will matrix) – (Optional) Trainer input and individual/pairs activity

     •Delegation in practice – (Optional) Delegates practice using the 8-step process

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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