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Editable training materials introducing the concept of monkey management.


Modern organisations are busy places. They are filled with busy teams and busy managers. Everyone seems to be rushing from one meeting to the next, grabbing lunch at their desk, multi-tasking, being addicted to their e-mail or smartphone, and working longer hours. But still the work never seems to get done.


Classic time management training helps people to do things more efficiently and more effectively. This can be very helpful, but what if people are busy doing things they don’t need to do? This Power Hour Expert session has been designed to help you to identify the things you SHOULD be doing, and those you SHOULDN’T, and spend your time accordingly.


In particular, by the end of the session delegates will be able to:


  • Recognise the different demands on their time, and what the right balance should be
  • Describe a ‘monkey’
  • Identify the personal ‘traps’ that compel them to pick up other people’s monkeys
  • Explain and use the 4 rules of monkey management to take back control of their time


Why not download the FREE Key Points Sheet and optional PowerPoint slides (in pdf format) to have a closer look at the content? Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Manage your Monkeys

  • Although the core session can be run in an hour, there is enough material for a half-day workshop.

    • ntroduction and Objectives
    • Busy or Productive? - OPTIONAL individual activity to examine the difference between busy and productive
    • Focus and Energy - Trainer input.
    • Demands on your time - group exercise to examine categories of activities that take up our time.
    • Personal Analysis - OPTIONAL individual exercise to personalise the previous activity.
    • Monkeys - Trainer input expaining what monkeys are
    • Monkey Puzzle - OPTIONAL exercise to help people to recognise typical monkeys.
    • Management Traps - OPTIONAL exercise to analyse the different traps that cause us to pick up Monkeys.
    • Monkey Management Rules - Input and discussion around the 4 rules of Monkey Management (Onken)
    • Be Assertive - OPTIONAL section covering simple assertiveness that can be used to manage Monkeys
    • Say No - OPTIONAL section exploring how to say NO and manage Monkeys
    • Mini Role Plays - Practice keeping Monkeys off your back!
    • Make it Work at Work - Action planning
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