Single or Multi User?


The prices on our website assume that you are a SINGLE USER. This means that:

  • You are manager or trainer in a small organisation, and as such, will be the only person using the materials, even if you may use them more than once or in 2 or 3 locations, or
  • You are an independent trainer who is using them with a specific client.
If you are in fact buying on behalf of a larger organisation, where:

  • A team of trainers or managers will be running sessions in multiple locations, or
  • Materials will be placed on an LMS for people to download and use 'on demand'
  • You are an independent trainer who expects to use the materials on an open course or with more than one client

we ask you to buy the MULTI-USER version. Typically, a standard PDF Power Hour (single user price £40) will be sold for £125 and an EXPERT session will be charged at £195. Editable versions will be sold at £195 for standard Power Hours and £250 for Expert ones.

Please contact us for prices of bundles or large orders so that we can create a bespoke offer for you.

As a corporate client, you can be sent an invoice for your materials and pay after delivery (terms are 14 days) which means you don't need a credit card.