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Well, spring is sprung and that means that we have to start tending to our gardens again. Some people love gardening.

I am not one of them.

Reluctantly I spent an hour last weekend clearling the weeds and turning over about 1/8th of what needs to be done. I still have anouther 7/8th to go, which I'm not looking forward to, but at least I've made a start. The longer I leave it, the worse it will get so doing something is better than nothing.

nettleAt work, we all have jobs that we don't enjoy. Things that we'd rather put off, ignore and hope that they'll go away, but you know as well as I do that they won't, and the longer you leave them, the harder it is to do them... Things like dealing with that difficult person, planning an appraisal or giving negative feedback. They are all easier if you grasp the nettle (excuse the pun) and deal with it before it takes root. We need to prioritise our time carefully.

Even training (unbelievably) for some people is one of those tasks that keeps getting put off because its deemed not urgent or too difficult. As the famous quote says "if you think training is expensive, try incompetence". Spending just an hour developing your staff WILL make a difference. There's a small patch of my garden that looks noticably better than the rest, and that's all down to 1 hour of effort. I've only got to invest 7 more and my garden will be transformed. So have that difficult conversation, give that awkward feedback, run that one-hour training session and see what a difference it makes.

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