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Learning Never Stops!

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This week, my husband is on a course. It's on a subject that he knows a lot about, and is pretty competent in - indeed, he often trains more junior staff in it. I asked him WHY he decided to attend when surely he knows it all anyway. This was his answer:

  • Things change. I need to know what I'm doing is in line with current best practice
  • It's always good to revisit a topic when you know it. When it's new it can be overwhelming, but this time I can concentrate on the finer points
  • It's interesting to hear how other people deal with things. It stops me getting stuck in my ways and makes me consider different options
  • I can make sure that I've not slipped into any bad habits
  • If I'm training others, I owe it to them to be the best I can be

I thought this was quite enlightened, and quite different from many people I meet who feel that because they are already doing a job, they can't learn anything from a training course.

What does my husband do? - He's a Consultant Surgeon...and if he can still learn, so can we all.

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