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Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions?

I haven't. Simply because I think if you decide you want to do something you should just get on with it, not wait for a particular date. So although I'm not detoxing or even doing 'dry january', I am getting back into good habits that (understandably) slipped during December. Whilst I haven't gone overboard with food and drink this festive season, its quite shocking to see how quickly and how far things can slip backwards.

  • I've put on 5lbs since my last Zumba class 18 days ago.
  • Today I swam 38 lengths in 30 minutes, when I can usually do 46. OK, the last time I swam was about 6 weeks ago, but even so, that's an 18% drop in performance.


So I'm back to doing what I know is good practice: Exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, eating my '5-a-day', staying off the booze more evenings than I'm on it, not snacking between meals (often!). It's not new. It's not revolutionary, but if I did these (let's face it, not too difficult) things all the time, I'd never be out of shape or heavier than I would like.

And if we're revisiting good practice for our health at this time of year, why not remind ourselves of good practice at work? Whether it's having daily one-to-one conversations with staff, recognising and praising good effort, challenging inappropriate behaviour before it gets out of hand, taking responsibility for a customer complaint, trusting others and delegating, or simply managing our own time better. Unless you are brand new to a role, you KNOW what you should do and you KNOW it brings benefits. Yet for some reason, we allow things to slip.

Maybe January should be about getting the basics back in place, so why not run some refresher training? Bite-size sessions are perfect for this. Once you and your teams are doing the basics well, you can then move on to more sophisticated skills.

Good luck with developing yourself, your team or your clients this year :-)

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