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 Earlier this week I stayed in a Premier Inn en-route to a client meeting some distance away. If I'm only going to be away for a night or two, I instinctively turn to the Premier Inn: they are cheap, comfortable and have all the amenities I NEED. But it's more than that...

Every single time I have stayed in one, the service by ALL staff has been outstanding. Receptionists smile and treat you as a person (not someone filing in a form) no matter how late you arrive. Cleaners say hello, restaurant staff apologise for the slightest wait for a table at breakfast time, the food is delivered quickly and to a high standard.

Some posher hotel chains (where you can pay 4 times as much) simply don't make you feel important or valued. I sometimes feel like an inconvenience and everyone is so busy they don't even acknowledge me. Yes, there may be a pool, a gym, a nice bar and more choice in the restaurant. Those things are nice, but they aren't essential. Give me the basics, give them to me at a high standard and make me feel like I've got value for money and been valued as a customer, and I'm yours for life.

That's why the Premier Inn is my buisness role model. Like them, Power Hour Training provides the essentials in our training packages. Nothing too fancy. Nothing unecessary. I like to think that also like a Premier Inn we provide those essentials to a high standard. Even the PURPOSE of Power Hour training modules fits this model...its about helping individuals and managers to do the basic things well. Get that right, and then you can start to branch out.

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