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Many of you know that I'm a zumbaholic, but this isn't really a post inspired by my favourite exercise. It's more about something I've noticed about a number of ladies who are part of a 'bootcamp' programme and links to personal effectiveness and leadership.

Lots of ladies have joined the bootcamp programme and are getting great results. What I've noticed though is that in most cases their basic body shape doesn't change: they are simply slimmer, fitter versions of the shape they were before. Women with no waist still have no waist, though they may be two sizes smaller. Pear shaped women are still pears - just slimmer and lighter pears. When I lose weight, I struggle to lose it from my belly, but my legs and hips slim down. My sister gets a flat stomach with ease, but struggles around her hips. Even the fitness instructor who is fabulously fit and toned, stays curvy. It's the way we are built. 

body shape

I accept that unless I do something very radical (and very hard work!), I won't have a flat stomach, and even then there's no guarantee. So in the summer I wear shorts with long, swinging tops to make the best of what I have: slim legs. My sister wears crop tops with capri pants to show off her flat stomach and looks fab. 

Leadership style is like that too. We are the way we are, but that's not to say that we shouldn't strive to be the best versions of ourselves as possible. Credible leaders are authentic: they accept who they are, make the best use of their strengths and proactively manage areas where they aren't naturally strong either by delegating, developing themselves or compensating in some other way. They are very self-aware and set an example by being the best they can be rather than striving for perfection. This makes them more 'real' and so people are more inclined to trust them. When a team trusts its leader, engagement increases and great things start to happen.

So, if you want your leaders to go from good to great, help them to be the best version of themselves that they can be by developing Credible Leadership.

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