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Like many busy working parents I juggle things. A lot. Thankfully, I'm not a perfectionist or I think I'd be permanently stressed. Instead, I do 'enough' of the the things that matter to keep things working properly. For example:

  • I get my car serviced and periodically check that oil, water and typre pressures are OK... though I don't keep it partcularly clean or tend to minor scratches.
  • I take around 2.5 hours exercise a week, generally eat balanced meals and keep my weight in the healthy range...though I do eat too many crisps and cheese and am a bit wobbly in places.
  • I pull out the big weeds, chop the ivy down (often!) and make sure the lawn is mowed....though our borders are wonky, the paving stones dirty, and there are ALWAYS small weeds popping up.


I do enough to keep things working as they should: My car, my body, my garden. They aren't perfect: I could hoover and polish my car from time to time; I could stop eating unhealthy snacks; I could weed more often; but I look after them enough. If I don't, I'm going to get problems.

The same is true with teams. 

Managers often feel under enourmous pressure to build and maintain a perfect team, and whilst this is a great aim, you don't need to be Mr Motivator or Miss Inspirational to build a GOOD team i.e. one that works. 

Like my car and my body, it's about making the sure that the team has everything it needs to function well. Things such as:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Good communication
  • Clear roles and expectations
  • Good working relationships
  • A common way of working


If you concentrate on giving your team what they NEED, you give them the possibility of developing into something more. Without the basics in place, you are likely to run into problems sooner or later.

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