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Don't buy Training... Buy Time

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I noticed a tweet last week that suggested that people don't buy training... they buy aspiration. Because I was delivering that day, I didn't get chance to investigate further. However, I understand that training may sometimes be a 'reluctant' a maintenance contract on your PC: We want what it will do for us, not what it actually is. We train people so that bad things don't happen or to improve the current situation.

In the same way, people don't like buying training materials (even when they are great value). Maybe they see it as a failure on their part. Maybe the feel they ought to be doing it themselves. Maybe the topic is genuinely very specific to them and off the shelf materials are just too generic. maybe they can't justify the expenditure. Maybe they are worried about losing control. I get it. I really do.

However, designing great training (and associated detailed training materials) is time consuming. If you earn £30k per year, your salary alone is around £15 per hour (and then there are all the other benefits to consider), so a conservative estimate is £20 per hour. You spend 3 days (24 hours) designing a piece of training (which is again, conservative). The direct cost is £480. But what about indirect costs? What about all the other things that aren't getting done whilst you are engaged in design?

Sometimes it makes more sense to buy in training materials and spend far fewer hours tailoring it to your organisation... especially when you can buy licence free editable materials from just £50. Doesn't it?

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