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I decided to run into my local village today (well jog). It's only 3/4 miles and I knew I'd be walking back, laden as I would be with milk and vegetables. I'm not even keen on running, but I won't make my Zumba class tonight as I'm travelling to run a course tomorrow, so I thought I ought to do something.

Although I can do a 3 hour Zumba class with relative ease, 5 minutes of running usually finishes me off. But I jogged all the way in without a break. Ok, it was only 12 minutes, but that's 7 more than I normally manage. I felt proud. 


Why did I do so well? I think it was a combination of factors: 1) the fact that I'd set myself a small (but stretching) goal and given myself permission to walk back. 2) that it was a 'now or never' thing - my time was limited 3) I set off slowly - more slowly than I normally do, BUT I was able to maintain the pace and get into the rhythm rather than run faster, get out of breath and give up.

Important lessons for us all think, especially new managers. How many times do we try to do something new, and effectively run out of breath and give up after 5 minutes? Because we try to do things perfectly straight away, we are in effect setting ourself up to fail. We ought to just DO things!! I didn't have a time in mind. I knew that I 'should' be running faster, but I started easy, and found that I could manage.

When promoted, or after training, we need to do things differently, but trying to do too much, too soon, too quickly helps no-one and actually sets us up to fail. Small but achievable goals and reaslistic expectations (combined with small rewards) will always bring better results in the long term.

That's what Power Hour Training is all about - doing ONE thing differently, making SMALL changes, and helping people to develop a bit at a time.

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  1. Sarah More

    Awesome work Sheridan, it's such a great feeling once the achievement has been made

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