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Customising Training Materials

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For a number of years, I've offered my bite-size training materials in editable format as well as PDF so they can be customised. I've done this so that they can be integrated into a longer programme (Maybe you just need 90 minutes from us and have written the rest yourself), or (more commonly) so that they can be tailored to reference your own examples and use your internal language.

But what do I mean by customisation? 

Generally, I mean being able to reflect your brand and make links to things such as your Values, Competencies, Job Roles, products/services and company initiatives. I also expect people to replace examples with ones specific to their own orgnaisation. Sometimes, people add additional material too.

I don't mean removing all reference to Power-Hour and making it look like this is all your own work. However, if you're tailoring and delivering the training, you deserve to have the materials reflect your own brand too.

So here are a couple of examples of companies who've tailored the materials and dual-branded them appropriately.

Johnsons PH 1

Here the client used our 'Plan your Time' Module as the basis for this session - they chose to rename it so it was more appealing to Branch Managers

Johnsons PH 2

The website must be included - otherwise how is anyone who sees the training materials going to know where they can get more like this? 


Here the module was to support a specific approach, so was tailored accordingly.


Once again, the website is clear. Because the training materials are so inexpensive, we want other potential customers to find them!

So, if you've been frustrated by uneditable materials in the past, or have been put off buying ours because you weren't sure how you were able to edit and customise, I hope that this has helped. ALL of our training modules are available in editable format: Just select the topic you want and follow the link to the EDITABLE FORMAT which is in the description.

If you have any questions or queries, please drop me an email.

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