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Anyone for Canapés?

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What is the point of the canapé? Personally I can only see two purposes. The first is as something to ‘keep you going’ until your main course. The second is as a showcase for the chef, allowing him or her to increase your appetite for what's to come later.

But do canapés have any place in it? Are there times when we need a little taster before we decide whether to buy the full service? Are there times when we just need something to keep is going until we can afford or have time for that “three course meal”? I say absolutely.

As a customer business canapé will allow us to keep going that little bit longer until we can get the solution that we really crave. These are things like buying an external hard drive as a temporary move until we can afford a brand-new PC; or like getting a Facebook page setup until we have the time to develop our website. It's about subcontracting a piece of work rather than deciding to employ someone, or providing a couple of hours of training until the funding is available for that wonderful five-day programme.

As business suppliers, providing canapés is an excellent way of showcasing what we can do and introducing new customers to our services with minimum risk and outlay to them. People are careful with their money, and suppliers who allow them to try before they buy will be looked on very favourably.

So whatever your business, if you don't have a ‘canapé menu’, think about creating one. It can bring real benefits for you and your customers.

Why not download our key points sheets as your ‘canapé’ before you decide which Power Hours to use? Of course the Power Hour concept can be a canapé itself...give your employees a ‘taster’ to see what they need more development in, or offer a Power Hour as a ‘stop gap’ to more in-depth training.

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