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So much to do, so little time! I often feel that there aren't enough hours in the day (like so many others). But do I really have so much to do? Someone recently pointed out that I, you and everyone else, have exactly the same amount of time, its one of life's great levellers, but some people manage to do so much more with it.

There are so many distractions today, and I know that I'm guitly of losing focus, or not knowing which of my many tasks to prioritise, so I flit from one thing to another. I'm a self-confessed 'Queen of Faff' sometimes! But, taking my own advice and Planning My Time does actually work....but then I begin to drift. It's not ALL about systems and tools - its also about attitude. There are Time Bandits out there, and this page by Debbie Stone of Fennel Solutions is well worth a read if you find that despite all of your best efforts, you're still not quite as productive as you might be.

...and if you find yourself being busy but not achieving very much, this excellent summary of a study into Focus and Energy by Bruch and Ghoshal, by Sheridan Webb at Keystone Development, is well worth a read. 

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