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A Great Combination (or how to create truly effective training)

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What makes a great meal?

  • Is it the meat? 
  • the seasonal vegetables? 
  • the sauces? 
  • the wine that accompanies it? 

What makes a great party?

  • Is it the venue?
  • the music?
  • the food?
  • the drink? 
  • the company?

Or in both these cases, is it in fact the right combination?

What makes great training? And when I say 'great' I mean training that delivers real business results. Not 'just' a great trainer. Not 'just' a great workshop. Not 'just' great on-line resources. Not 'just' action planning. Not 'just' coaching.

Great (impactful, useful) training is a combination of many things. I was recently speaking to an independent trainer who uses Power Hour materials as PART of his service to one of his clients.

  • He introduces a topic using a live Power Hour bite-size training session.
  • He directs the group towards on-line and self-study resources that are available to them.
  • He then meets the group again to reflect, and draw up some meaningful action plans.
  • Then, he provides personal coaching to individuals to help them to apply their learning and make a difference.

This is having noticeable personal and measurable business results. Of course, everyone is delighted with the impact, including me who is providing just ONE of the elements that is bringing success.

So, what's you're combination for successful training?

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  1. Joe Thwaites

    Using everyday metaphors and examples to explain what could be very complex information to many business owners. For example, when discussing the merits of an effective CRM for marketing I use Tesco's Clubcard to explain the thinking or, when discussing 'business strategy' I use a simple everyday example like going into town to buy a suit using a SMART diagnostic tool. Avoiding jargon and complex language is the key for me.

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