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Training worth £5,000

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I noticed recently on social media that I had a chance to win training worth £5000. Really? Seems a very definite figure, and I couldn't help think that it was a pretty big statement to make.

Afterall, how do you value training? It's not like a car, or gold, or even a cake. There's so many intangible things to take into account. So how do you value it? Do you take into account the knowledge and experience of the trainers built up over years? What about the time taken to research and design the training? What about materials production? Travelling? Delivery time? Pre and post-course meetings? Following training up?

As a training provider, I KNOW how long it takes to develop really good training, and if I paid myself just the minimum wage for each hour spent designing a Power Hour session, they would be priced a lot higher than they are. But ulimately, the value is decided by the learner, and market forces, not the trainer.

For example, when I was doing my NLP training, I found it useful. I would defintely say it had value, and certainly didn't regret the cost of completing the course. However, some people find that NLP quite literally changes their life. They would say the training was worth 10 times what they paid for it. Other people start the course, and quickly decide that it's just one up from witchcraft, drop out, and bitterly regret spending one penny on the training!

So, going back to the original claim that 'training is worth £5,000' still seems a little overconfident. The value of training depends on how much people learn, and how much they apply in order to improve their performance, which in turn will add value to the business. Afterall, if nothing is done as a result, this training is simply a cost. That is one of the reasons why we include practical activities to apply the learning at the end of every Power Hour. Training value is determined by a number of factors: The materials, the delivery, the learner's commitment, the follow up and most importantly, impact on the buisness. I don't think all of these factors are in the control of the provider offering this incredible gift.

So, are Power Hour Bite size training materials worth only £30? Well - we had to put a price on them and we hope that at this price it's a no-brainer, and the value attached to them far exceeds £30...but the TRUE value depends on how they are used.

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