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Cutting-edge social learning

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Today I've had a bit of an epiphany. Conscious that our training materials for bite-size workshops may seem a bit old fashioned in todays world of instant access, wi-fi, learn on the move and 'apps', I was wondering if I should look at converting all of our materials into more tech-based modules.

However, today I've participated on a workshop. You know, one of those 'old fashioned' things with coffee and flipcharts, chairs, music, a buffet and people. Being a participant of this workshop has made me realise that actually, our workshops are at the cutting edge of social learning. 

Social media is wonderful, and I am a fan. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and I love them all. Many trainers have decided to harness the influence of this new media. However, too many people are focussing on the MEDIA and less on the SOCIAL... and that's what a traditional workshop gives you. On a traditional workshop (even a bite size one) you:

  • chat and discuss
  • listen
  • share ideas
  • hear different view points
  • get to build on ideas
  • can be creative
  • laugh
  • make friends and/or useful contacts
  • learn AROUND the subject that is being covered
  • are chalenged thoughfully and as an individual
  • can tackle very specific issues that are relevant to you

So, rather than trying to make our training the same as everyone elses, I think that (for the moment at least) we'll stick with our format, because learning doesn't just happen by formal methods, or by trainer-to-learner. Everyone attending a workshop has the potential to learn something from everyone else in that room...and that's the REAL power of social learning!

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