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Saturday. A huge pile of ironing awaits. Regular readers of my blog will know that it is usually ironing
my other half that deals with this joyous task each week, but for a whole host of reasons, this
week it was my turn.

The pile was twice the height of the basket - not good. Plus, there were SOOO many other
things I needed to get done, so I approached the task as any other:

First: Go through and be ruthless...Does this REALLY need ironing? - This halved my pile! Underwear, towels, leggins, fleeces can all just be put away. Hoorah!

Second: Prioritise.... Does this need to be done BEFORE Monday? - Again, I halved the pile. School uniforms and work shirts definitely have to be done. Jeans, T-shirts and more casual wear could wait if necessary.

Third: Get on with it...stop procrastinating and make a start! Within an hour, I'd managed all the 'necessary' ironing, plus a good portion of what could wait (if necessary), but I carried on and did the lot. Giving myself permission to stop after the 'Priority 1' items made it seem more manageable somehow.

When I was ill recently and still had to keep the business running, I realised that I'd gone through the same process, so that I only had to do the work that was absolutely necessary to maintain the business.

In today's 24/7 mobile, gadget addicted society, people at work are SOO busy - they rush from one thing to another, and it is now normal to take work home and be contactable at all times. Everyone seems to have too much to do. But in order to be effective, we need to seperate the wheat from the chaff and focus our energy on those aspects of work that absolutely, truly have to be done. Our tests for tasks can be helpful for this exercise.

You can't do everything, but everything you DO do, should add value.

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