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I don't know about you, but I hate things that seem uncessarily long or complicated. I just don't have time to faff around. Just this week, I made two internet purchases:

  1. The first was for a specific piece of electrical kit. I found it on the manufacturers website and went to buy it. However, I couldn't just 'buy' it, and had to create an account, which then had to be verified, only then I could log in, and THEN I could begin the purchasing process. I didn't. I got bored and bought the same thing via ebay using Paypal. No fuss.
  2. The second was a DVD. I went to one popular internet store and clicked to buy... but then there were dozens and dozens of choices about which merchant to choose. I didn't have time to look at each of these offers so guess what? I aborted and went to their rival. Sign in, input credit card details, job done.

I guess that's why I've never EVER worked for the public sector...they overcomplicate what should be a straightforward matter. I understand that tendering may be the right approach if you are spending tens of thousands of pounds, or looking for a long-term relationship, but for one-off workshops, small projects and purchasing training materials it feels like over-kill and I just walk away.

I assume that I am not alone in this mindset. That's why you need nothing to buy our training materials apart from an email address. A paypal account or credit card is helpful, but we are happy to invoice. You don't need to create an account, you don't need to buy a licence, simply buy what you want, have it instantly dowloaded and use it to deliver great training. Plus to make it even simpler, our prices are transparent (even for our live sessions and Train the Trainer workshops) - there aren't many training providers who make their fees public.

In fact, things are SO simple and straightforward I've had quite a few conversations with people who are looking for the 'catch'. There isn't one.

So...our training materials and modus operandi and short and simple, and we think our customers appreciate that.

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