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Be Brave and Step Up to Succeed

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Those of you who know me personally know that I lead a very boring life really: I work, I look after my family, and I Zumba. That truly is it! ...OK, there's an occasional glass of wine going on too, but I digress.

My Zumba teacher Ellen, takes her business Heatone Fitness very seriously…. It’s not a pocket-money sideline as it is for some. She has taken the decision to train up junior instructors so that she doesn’t have to do all the work herself all the time.

These ‘junior’ trainers were let loose on us for the first time a couple of months ago. They were nervous, they were quiet, they made a few mistakes with the routines, but they got through it and we had our workout. OK, it wasn’t as good as Ellen would have done, but it was OK. We didn’t feel cheated.

This week, Ellen was ill so the ‘juniors’ took the class again. WOW! What a difference! They were confident, smiling, relaxed, hardly made any mistakes, and the few that they DID make they recovered well from.

I share this tale in the hope that it will give hope to the many people I train on Train the Trainer workshops. EVERYONE (so far) has done a good a job. EVERYONE is capable of running a basic session. However, many people put themselves down and say “but it’s not as good as you would do it”. Well, of course it’s not! I have got 20 years head start. I was terrible when I started. My first experience of training was in front of 30 financial advisers at a conference. I was wholly unprepared for it. In fact, I wasn’t even supposed to be training. I was simply an assistant, but the actual trainer got stuck behind a stage (I am not making this up), so it was me or no-one. I was better than no-one (just about), and I got on with conscious competenceit.

When you have completed your basic training and first run a training session (or take a Zumba class) you are somewhere between conscious incompetence (you are acutely aware of everything you can’t do) and conscious competence (you can do most of it, but it takes planning and concentration). It is only through practice, experience and learning to cope when things go wrong that you are able to move from conscious competence to unconscious competence, where you can just stand up and DO IT.

Hayley and Emma, our ‘junior’ instructors are well on their way there now. If you stay brave, and keep delivering training sessions, you’ll be there too…and sooner than you realise.

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