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Plan ahead or Carry on regardless?

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I'm loving the Sochi Winter Olympics, especially the 'newer' sports like slopestyle. Sweden's Henrik Harlaut is clearly a talented guy, but he hade the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he lost his trousers part-way through his run!


Part of me thinks he was the ultimate professional for carrying on regardless and still landing a pretty good run. 

Part of me thinks that the ultimate professional would have planned ahead a bit, and not had the problem in the first place!

And that's the same for managers everywhere. You DO need to be able to react to the moment, adapt and keep going when difficulties arise. However, you also need to prevent problems occuring as much as possible and minimise risk at work...without suffering from 'paralysis by analysis'.

Many managers get addicted to 'reacting to the moment' - they love swooping in to save the day and proving how great they are at handling problems. Often, they are praised and rewarded for it.  Managers who spend more time planning may not get the same recognition as their adreneline-junkie counter-parts: No-one sees how much effort has gone into having a 'mundane' day where everything has gone like clockwork, yet it's these people who will deliver results consistently and in the right way for the business AND the people doing the work.

So, don't be like Henrik - plan ahead, organise yourself and your team and then you can focus on getting the job done NOT dealing with the unexpected!


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