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Cakes are 90% Taste

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My cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing) makes truly wonderful cakes. Check her out on facebook (cakeybakeygal) to see some of the fabulous creations she turns out. My daughter, having seen these cakes, said "You can't make cakes can you Mummy?".

"No" I said, but almost immediately corrected myself.

"Actually" I said "I make very good cakes. They rise well, they taste nice and they're light and fluffy... I just can't decorate them"

"You're right" she agreed (thankfully!!!).

I share this tale because someone asked me how Power Hour training materials are pitched, and its a similar story. They ARE great quality training materials (just check out our reviews for confirmation). They are detailed, well structured, well balanced (input and activity), they are complete and they look nice... but they are BASIC in that they are aimed at a foundation level.

But lets face'd rather have a cake that looks a bit rubbish but tastes divine than one that looks amazing and tastes awful ;-)

Similarly, it's better to have ALL your managers doing the basic things well, than trying to use advanced techniques and getting it wrong. Concentrate on achieving first things first.

So if you want a free sample, just visit our shop, register and help yourself!

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