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  1. This story about the rocks and the jar has been around for many years, and the chances are you have heard it. But it's worth reminding people of it from time to time because the message is powerful. Our lives are being run at an increasingly fast pace, and at work we are all expected to keep doing more with less. To be successful it's more important than ever to plan our time, be clear about priorities and manage the 'monkeys' that land on our backs.

    So, read the story and reflect. If you want more help with planning your time, check out our training session and key points sheet. We even have something to help you to manage your monkeys and retake control of your life!

  2. I've just returned from a short break in the country. Batteries fully recharged, and invigorated by all that fresh-air and exercise. It was nice to have no agenda, and that included what, where and when we would eat.

    One particular evening, we walked to the (only) local pub that served food. We got there at peak time, were greeted pleasantly, and then we asked for a menu. The owner informed us that they were unusually busy, and so waiting times for food were currently about 1 hour. We had our two young children with us, so this wasn't great, but as there was nowhere else nearby, we said OK. So for the next hour, we played eye-spy (probably to the annoyance of the regulars) to pass the time.

    An hour and ten minutes later, our food arrived with an apology for the wait. It was OK. We ate, we paid, we left.

    So what is the point of this blog? Well, its a simple lesson in customer service. Were we delighted with the service? No, of course not. Were we angry/upset/annoyed? No... because the owner managed our expectations. Had he not had the guts to tell us that the wait was so long, we would certainly have been complaining. He delivered against most of the tips on our Key Points sheet.

    So the lesson is: manage expectations. Be open and honest, and tell the customer the 'bad' news as soon as they can. Let THEM make the decision about what they will accept and what they won't. Good customer service isn't always about 'wowing' the customer - sometimes its just about respecting them. 

    If you know a team who would benefit from customer service training, our Power Hour session (which lasts 1-2 hours) provides a great introduction. Why not check it out?

  3. This short but to the point blog by The Latimer Group explains how if you don't prepare to communicate, you are wasting everyone's time (including your own). Indeed, effective communication only occurs when expression = impression. Successful communication requires BOTH parties to play their part.

    Our short training session on Communication Skills explores why communication breaks down, and what we can do to make sure our communication is successful.