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  1. Today I got my priorities so wrong. So focused on the looming end of the month, I decided I would miss the first part of my son's sports day and just go for the second half. He was OK with that. He understood I had a lot to do. He just wanted me to be there for his 'big race'.

    I missed it by 5 minutes.

    What I was doing for work was important, but it wasn't urgent. If necessary, I could have done this evening. His race was 10 minutes in the day and I made the wrong choice about how to spend my time. I'm angry with myself, and I've cried for letting him down. For breaking my promise and not focussing on what mattered to HIM. It was just 10 minutes afterall. My client would have probably been fine if their training materials were a day late.

    It's a timely reminder that work is important. Of course it is. But we also need to remember WHY we work. It's a means to an end, and not an end in itself. We are all so BUSY its easy to lose focus on what really matters and what (in the long run) will make the difference. I can't turn back time, I can't undo the disappointment I've caused my son. 

    What I CAN do is make sure I prioritise each and every day properly. I'm going to stick up the Key Points Sheet for our Plan your Time module and refer to it daily. I WON'T make this same mistake again. I can't. Life's too short.

  2. This week, my husband is on a course. It's on a subject that he knows a lot about, and is pretty competent in - indeed, he often trains more junior staff in it. I asked him WHY he decided to attend when surely he knows it all anyway. This was his answer:

    • Things change. I need to know what I'm doing is in line with current best practice
    • It's always good to revisit a topic when you know it. When it's new it can be overwhelming, but this time I can concentrate on the finer points
    • It's interesting to hear how other people deal with things. It stops me getting stuck in my ways and makes me consider different options
    • I can make sure that I've not slipped into any bad habits
    • If I'm training others, I owe it to them to be the best I can be

    I thought this was quite enlightened, and quite different from many people I meet who feel that because they are already doing a job, they can't learn anything from a training course.

    What does my husband do? - He's a Consultant Surgeon...and if he can still learn, so can we all.