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  1. Whether you are new to running training or not, making sure that you have enough time set aside to allow people to reflect on what they have learned and draw up meaningful action plans can be challenge...especially when everyone has so much that they wish to cover! Check out our latest video blog to discover a simple but highly effective way of making time for action planning without having to compromise on content, discussion and activity.

    Action Planning without the Squeeze! 


  2. Finally, after a slow start to the year, I find myself in that happy working place where I am busy, but not overloaded. I still have a little free time to use at my discretion. So what am I doing?

    Apart from client commissioned work, I've been working on something old (but with a twist): Creating more Power Hour Bite-Size Training modules, but this time for a new 'Expert' range. This range will cover more complex topics and include more material than our standard modules. We've taken on a new proof-reader to make sure that we can launch the range later this month with ten topics, which you can see here.

    I'm also trying out something new: Using video and Google+ and YouTube. I've responded to a 'Video Challenge' from my friend Becs McNeill and even though this is only my 3rd day, I'm not only enjoying it but already thinking of how it can be useful to my business and my clients. I'm still very much a novice: it's one take with no editing (and I really must remember to do my hair!), but the idea is to get used to using the medium. If you want to see my efforts, check out my Google+ or Facebook Page


    So, having never used this before, after just 3 days I've not only got comfortable with the idea, I've worked out the basics and am thinking about the next steps. But I needed that push. Without the challenge, I would never have tried.

    Attending training sessions can sometimes give us that push to try something different. More often than not though it's the question that SHOULD get asked after the training session..."So what are you going to do?". Publicly agreeing to action (as I have done with this video challenge) makes us feel more duty-bound to do something, so even if you manager doesn't ask, tell them what you are going to do as a result of attending training. You are more likely to do it.

    The other learning I've taken from this challenge (so far) is that 'little and often' gives us stretch without the stress. We are getting daily challenges so we don't feel overwhelmed. They are all short, so I'm not focussing on the 4 hours I need to find overall - just the 10-15 minutes a day. Taking many small steps towards a change is far far easier than trying to take one huge one.

    So...2 minute videos today...1 hour webinars later in the year? Watch this space!