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Customer Review - The best I've found! September 04, 2016
"Your material is the best I've found yet and I really enjoy using it. I don' t keep it a 100% as written as I add content and exercises of my own. ... [MORE]

Customer Review - The Aldi of Training Materials April 24, 2014
The Power Hour Training materials are a bit like Aldi - they have everything you need and nothing you don't, as well as offering great quality at a ... [MORE]

Customer Review - Easy to use materials December 09, 2013
The Power Hour materials were great – easy to use and can be easily adapted to fit any session. - Julie, Team Leader, Financial Services ... [MORE]

Feedback from Train the Trainer Workshop with Johnson Cleaners September 26, 2013
Well, it was an excellent 2 days spent with the technical training team at Johnson Cleaners helping them to convert their excellent 1-1 'process' tr... [MORE]

Customer Review: "Great stand-alone training sessions" August 30, 2013
"Power Hour training materials are well written, concise and clearly laid out. They are great for stand-alone training sessions and can be readily a... [MORE]

Customer Review: "Highly Recommended" August 28, 2013
We are delighted to recieve the following recommendation via Twitter from Katherine Duff, an HR Consultant from Keeping HR Simple. "Used some great... [MORE]

Customer Review "Good Material" July 30, 2013
"I've always developed all of my own material from scratch but I had a one-off need and no time to produce anything and your material is good, thank... [MORE]

Customer Review: "High standard and time saving" July 10, 2013
"I recently bought several PowerHour training sessions and have been very satisfied with the fast service and the quality of the products that were ... [MORE]

Customer Review: "Just Right" April 30, 2013
So pleased with this feedback from a recent user of our training materials: "The materials have just the right amount of content but also optional e... [MORE]

Proud to be supporting a great charity April 24, 2013
During May and June 2013 we are donating £5 from EVERY training session purchased to a team from Howard Worth, who are doing a massive 34-mile... [MORE]

Delegate Feedback: Train the Trainer April 12, 2013
Here is an email I've just recieved from someone who attended our Train the Trainer Workshop... I'm so pleased that I could help and (more important... [MORE]

Customer Review "Training in a packet" April 05, 2013
"Good training materials to use to provide a snapshot of a topic. Training session 'in a packet' has everything you need to facilitate a successful ... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Unique and Engaging" March 22, 2013
The Power Hour training materials are unique and engaging for someone who is new to training. They give good insight into the topic and a fresh pers... [MORE]

Customer Review: "Well Contsructed" March 12, 2013
"The well constructed training materials are easy to use and apply. Good quality and useful models" - Darryl Neville, Regional Manager ... [MORE]

Train the Trainer: What the delegates said March 11, 2013
Last week we ran our 2-day Train the Trainer workshop for a group of managers at Aldermore Bank. They were a pleasure to work with, and threw themse... [MORE]

Customer Review: "Very Interactive" March 07, 2013
"The Power Hour materials make delivering a training course less daunting. They are easy to follow and very interactive" - M Hoole (Aldermore Bank) ... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Quality Training in Tight Time Constraints" March 07, 2013
"The Power Hour Training materials are a great way of helping me to provide quality training to my team in tight time constraints". - Andrew Dawson,... [MORE]

Feedback from Our Train the Trainer Workshops June 28, 2012
In 2012, we were busy delivering Train the Trainer Workshops for Regional Managers of a national company so that they can run Power Hour bite-size t... [MORE]

Well Written and Easy to Adapt June 15, 2012
I recently used Power Hour training materials to support the roll out of an online appraisal system. They were incredibly well written, useful and e... [MORE]

NEWS FLASH - Bite size materials now available in MS word for tailoring March 01, 2012
Following customer research, we have decided to make our Power Hour training materials available in MS word format so that you can tailor the conten... [MORE]

NEWS FLASH! - One of the Top 5 Most Loved Training Businesses February 20, 2012
We are delighted to announce that Power Hour has been voted one of the best loved training businesses in the UK! The competition was organised by '... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Highly Recommended" February 10, 2012
Power Hours 60 minute training materials are just what the doctor ordered. They deal with business issues that effect every small and medium busines... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Interactive and Easy to Use" February 10, 2012
The training materials are very comprehensive and easy to use - especially for a non-trainer. The sessions are really interactive too. Chris - Team... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Benefit to any Business" February 10, 2012
Brilliant and thoughtful training. Great products and a real benefit to any business looking to invest in their most important asset! Johnathan For... [MORE]

NEWS - Power Hour recognised as one of the best businesses in Warrington November 02, 2011
At a VIP networking event last night, with Warrington Borough Council and around 20 other local businesses, Power Hour was recognised as one of the ... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Unbeatable Value" October 17, 2011
Power Hour modules have saved me a huge amount of [design] time and I think are unbeatable value at £30 each! - Roger Longden, Volition Perfor... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Learner Friendly" September 26, 2011
“I am very happy with The Power Hour session I ordered. The download included clear trainer’s notes and learner friendly workbook with a... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Clear, helpful and easy to use" September 10, 2011
I wanted to add a new session on time management to one of my management courses, and am delighted to say that Power Hour's materials went down a tr... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Interactive and Engaging" August 11, 2011
"I thought the session was excellent. It was interactive and engaging and wasn’t just sitting and listening so I felt that I really took ... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Gone down well" August 10, 2011
The 'Manage the Impact of Change' bite-sized training session has been run internally a number of times. It's gone down very well. It was just right... [MORE]

NEWS - All Power Hour Products now available for instant download August 02, 2011
We can't begin to tell you how excited we are! All Power Hour products are now available for instant download. This means that wherever and whever y... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Simple, clear and efficient" June 30, 2011
We chose a number of bite-size training modules from Power Hour and felt that the material received was appropriate for our needs and mirrored our c... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Easy to Use" March 30, 2011
"I was extremely pleased with the quality of the materials. Very easy to use"  - Julie Boulter, Clear Gain Training and Development, ... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Right pitch" March 30, 2011
I've used the Assertiveness Power Hour, and found the materials easy to navigate as very easy to use. The content was sound and informative and pitc... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Real Substance" March 30, 2011
Generic/off the shelf material is often a bit light, but this has real substance to it. For the trainer, the Session Leader’s Guide is pe... [MORE]

Customer Review - "Practical and flexible" March 30, 2011
"If you’re looking for effective training solutions that you can use in ‘bite size chunks’ at a time that fits in with your busine... [MORE]