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NEWS FLASH - Bite size materials now available in MS word for tailoring

(March 01, 2012)

Following customer research, we have decided to make our Power Hour training materials available in MS word format so that you can tailor the content. This means you can add organisation specific references, or add the session seamlessly into a longer workshop or development programme. To buy our editable materials, visit our shop now.

This has not been an easy decision. We believe that Power Hour materials represent excellent value for money. Indeed, if you were to pay for the material to developed especially for you, it would cost around £500. The reason we have sold them at an extraordinarily low price is to allow smaller businesses to have access to quality training materials. We provide them as PDFs to preserve our branding and make more people aware of us, allowing us to keep the price low.

We hope that people deciding to purchase our materials as Word versions respect our products and the time that has been put into to developing them. The materials are afterall, still copyright and we expect that the Power Hour name will be retained in some capacity.

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