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Delegate Feedback: Train the Trainer

(April 12, 2013)

Here is an email I've just recieved from someone who attended our Train the Trainer Workshop... I'm so pleased that I could help and (more importantly) the skills are being transferred to the workplace. Well done!

Following the Train the Trainer workshop 3 weeks ago, I ran a training session yesterday on a compliance issue within my team, so it was me, my boss and 5 advisers and a lady from our compliance team.

Nervous doesn’t cover it! But I prepared myself, had handouts, OHP up and running. I didn't over script it as I knew it was going to depend on the reaction of the group. I think this made me more nervous to an extent!

 I think I set it up pre-course very well and everyone knew why they were there and what their individual goals were from the session. I started the session with an activity, to get everyone thinking about the topic, what was important and why, and to basically come to their own conclusion, then I had an open floor discussion and everyone participated, then rounded it off with a summary. I concluded the time with running a mini sales meeting for the team too – which is a first as Ian (my boss) normally does these.

I feel so pleased with myself now. I don’t think it was perfect, but I can see where I will change things moving forward. More tweaks than re-writing the whole thing! And Ian’s feedback was great – he was so pleased with me and how it went. And the important point – the team walked out with action points and see really buoyant after it.

I am so pleased and would never have put myself in the position of facilitating such a session before the Train the Trainer course a few weeks ago. It has given me so much confidence at exactly the right time. I am also using the feedback and coaching modules  we practiced with in my day to day work to, and can feel the benefit already!

So I'd like to say a massive thank you for your help and support – and yes – it does work!


Anita Bullen

Mortgage Sales Manager - Aldermore Bank

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