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Feedback from Train the Trainer Workshop with Johnson Cleaners

(September 26, 2013)

Well, it was an excellent 2 days spent with the technical training team at Johnson Cleaners helping them to convert their excellent 1-1 'process' training skills to running workshops. here's what they had to say about our Train the Trainer Workshop...

I really appreciated the flexibility of the workshop to respond to our needs 
Learning about using different learning styles to keep everyone interested was very useful
I enjoyed having the opportunity to see others train and pick up ideas
I enjoyed learning new skills such as dealling with difficult delegates and incorporating different learning styles. It has give me much more confidence 
The workshop flowed well and was tailored to our needs. It really gave us something to work with
The workshop was relaxed, fun and useful. Very enjoyable
Working as a group and learning from each other was very helpful
The best thing was being trained on how to run a workshop and how to make a course 'flow'. Going through it in detail was very helpful 
Being in a safe environment and being able to learn from colleagues as well as the trainer was so useful

They are all preparing to run a bite-size module that we designed especially for them, so good luck everyone and well done!

TtT Johnsons

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