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Big plans for 2022?

So, you have big plans for next year?


If 2020 was a year of surviving, and 2021 was the year of adjusting, 2022 has to be the year for growth – so that means LOADS of shiny new training being rolled out.

Exciting times ahead!

BUT – what no-one ever seems to factor in, is the amount of time it takes to DESIGN this wonderful new training. Most senior stakeholders think it’s no different to preparing for a meeting.

Of course, we know differently.

Depending on your sources, the accepted design:delivery ratio is anything from 3:1 to 12:1. Let’s be realistic yet optimistic and say it’s 5:1. Five days to design a one-day workshop. Feels reasonable, yet when you think about all that’s involved:

  • Research

  • Scoping

  • Designing the Session Plan

  • Creating a Workbook or handouts

  • Sourcing or inventing exercises. questionnaires, case studies and role plays AND producing the briefs

  • Designing the slides (including sourcing the right images!)

  • Creating pre-course work and post-course assignments (possibly)

Five days starts to look a little tight!

So where are you going to find the time?

Is your boss going to be fine with you NOT running any sessions, attending any meetings, updating systems or doing any coaching for a week whilst you design?

If you’re self-employed, will your client pay you for these 5 days? Can you afford to work for a week for free?

Thought not.

Save yourself DAYS by buying in quality ready-written materials which you can bespoke in a fraction of the time (and so at a fraction of the cost).

(Or get REALLY good at negotiating)

And if you’re worried the materials are too cheap to be any good, you can see exactly what you get in this video.

So don’t do yourself (or your organisation/clients) a disservice by rushing the design and delivering something which is anything other than your best work. Take a GOOD (ready-written) course and make it BETTER by making it truly bespoke.

It’s not cheating.

It’s smart!

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