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Colleagues Brainstorming

FREE Training Materials Available

All of our topics have been designed with the face-to-face environment in mind. Some topics have been redesigned to be delivered virtually too.

Our standard topics tend to include materials to run a session lasting anywhere between 1 hour and 2.5 hours. They are supplied in editable format for £79 and in pdf format for £55.

Our Expert Sessions CAN be run in 1 hour (using the core material only) but all have half-a-day’s worth of material in them. They are provided in editable format for £149 and in pdf format for £95.

Download the full list (No sign-up required) and see which topics may be useful to you.

Whilst you're here...

free training materials

Free materials include a COMPLETE ready-written session, Hints and tips for running bite-size sessions, A self-study guide for new managers and ideas for livening up your training sessions.

Why not download a selection of FREE materials?
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