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Train The Trainer

Agile learning is increasingly important to modern organisations, and the best agile solutions include a live element. Bite-size sessions can add real value to your blended programmes, bringing key concepts to life and fully engaging staff in a way that on-line learning can't. BUT - bringing in a trainer to run a 90 minute 'Lunch and Learn' session is expensive. So what can you do? 

Well, you COULD use the people you already have: many people are willing, but just don't have the right skills or confidence levels. That's where our POWER UP package comes in! Watch the video below to find out more.

Power UP Trainer Training

Trainer Training Complete With a Ready-To-Use Training Library

For just £23,420* we can train up to 8 people in your organisation to deliver bite-size training AND give you ALL of our modules (in editable format) to use. That's 52 Topics - Licence free to give you an instant training library PLUS the skills to deliver them.

Our 4-day programme (delivered via two 2-day workshops, 2-4 weeks apart) gives people the skills needed to deliver interactive bite-size training workshops, and crucially, proper practice with personal feedback and action planning. 

You then have a flexible team of internal trainers who can run workshops for everyone in your organisation effectively, whenever you like, for no additional cost. Just think what that will do for employee engagement and retention. 

For more information, Click Here.

*The Power-Up Trainer Training 4-day Programme will incur trainer expenses and VAT.

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