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Terms and Conditions

1. Please note that our materials are sold as copyright products. Whilst we are happy for you to print them as many times as you like, you must NOT copy the content into your own format, removing the Power Hour name/branding or circulate the materials.


2. Power hour materials are sold on the assumption that ONE trainer will be using them. If you wish to make Power Hour materials available to many people in your organisation, please contact us regarding our MULTI-USER licence.


3. If you purchase editable materials, you may tailor them by adding extra material, removing parts and adding your examples. We are even happy for you to dual brand them, but the Power Hour name, brand and website must not be removed.


4. The materials are for the use by you/your organisation only, and must not be circulated beyond this.


5. Re-selling Power Hour materials in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.


6. As our training materials are downloads, we will not provide a refund if you decide they do not meet your needs. Read the session description and download the sample session to make sure you know what you will be getting.


7. We strongly recommend that you view the free key points sheet and Power Point slides associated with the topic you are interested in prior to purchase. This, along with the detailed description of the session on the product page, gives you a clear idea about the content of the session.


8. If you are unsure of the format/style of training materials, please request a sample from the free sample page.


9. In the unlikely event that you receive materials different to those ordered, or there are errors in the materials, please contact us, and we will send out replacement materials.


10. Power Hour training materials and provided as downloadable files. A link to download the materials you purchase will be provided on your conformation email once payment has been processed.

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