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Power Hour Sample Material.

There are training materials for 50 bite-size sessions for you to choose from - All can be run in an 1 hour but all include extra material to extend the session to anything from 90 minutes to 4 hours.

All topics are available for face-to-face delivery, whilst some topics have been written especially for virtual training.

​Our Package Deals offer multiple sessions on a similar theme for a lower price than buying them separately.

Materials are sold as editable materials (MS Word/PowerPoint) as standard, but all can be purchased as PDF versions for a lower price.

Prices are based on a single-user. For multiple-users e.g. in a larger organisation, please buy the multi-user licence.

Here's a selection of our most popular materials, for more bite-size training materials,

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Whatever topic you need, Power Hour bite-size training can help. Want to see all our

available material? Download a list of all available sessions here.

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