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Editable training materials for building a high performing team.


We are all part of a team. Many of us are part of many teams. Teams that work well together achieve great results. Truly high performing teams are few. They achieve exceptional results, time and time again, no matter what the circumstances.

High Performing Teams don’t just happen. They are built and developed. In this Power Hour Expert session, we aim to provide some ideas to help you to do that.


In particular, by the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Explain the five dysfunctions of teams and what impact they have on performance.
  • Recognise where you are on the Team Performance Curve and Identify practical, specific ways to improve performance.


To get a flavour of the core session, you can download our free Key Points Sheet and view the optional Power Point Slides (in pdf format). Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Build a High Performing Team

    • Introduction and objectives
    • What good looks like – Post-it note activity leading to discussion of the GPRI Model
    • Where’s my team at? – OPTIONAL section to analysis own team in relation to GPRI
    • Team Performance – Input around the Team Performance Curve
    • The Five Dysfunctions of a team – Group exercise to explore what makes a team dysfunctional, and discussion around how to overcome them
    • Creating conditions for a High performing team – OPTIONAL flipchart exercise
    • Force Field Analysis – OPTIONAL exercise to examine the current culture and ability to create a HPT
    • Practical Actions to create a HPT – Short reflection on what delegates can do to start the process of creating a HPT
    • Building team Performance – OPTIONAL section exploring the Drexler/Sibbert Model of Building Team Performance and what this means in practice
    • Make it work at work – What people will do now to put the learning into practice
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