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Can you tell the difference?

Your get what you pay for right?

Buy something cheap and you'll regret it. Expensive is a sign of quality, surely? But if you watch the Antiques Roadshow you'll know that's not always the case. Some people pick up treasures from car boot sales for £5. Others spend thousands on what turns out to be fake.

What matters is, does it do what you want it to do at a price you can afford?

Take these two pairs of reading glasses: One cost me £1.50, the other £130.00 - almost 100 times the price. Is the more expensive pair 100 times better? Absolutely not!

The more expensive one is slightly better in that the fit is more bespoke and the lenses have slightly different prescriptions so if wearing them for a long time, I would probably be able to tell. But for popping on and off when I need to read a label or scrolling social media, there's no noticeable difference.

And its always intrigued me as to why the cost of training materials varies so greatly. Sometimes, you do get exactly what you pay for... You spend $30 and get a slide deck with notes. Perhaps that's appropriate for the price. But sometimes you spend $500 and get that too. If you spend £2500 on materials, you'd expect them to be pretty comprehensive: if they are - happy days! You have decided to invest a reasonable sum and got what you wanted. But what if it's all a bit scant? You'd feel cheated of course.

And of course, it can go the other way too... sometimes you spend a little, expecting little and are pleasantly surprised with what you get. I like to think that our training materials do that.

Why not download the FREE SAMPLE (which is just to show you the detail of the materials you get) and then decide which of our 50 sessions could save you a whole heap of time for not much money.

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