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Managing in the Strangest of Times

It’s a strange time right now with some people returning to workplaces, whilst others stay at home. Of course, some people have been at work throughout.

Many managers have been offered training in resilience, mental health awareness and managing remote teams, but what is there for this hybrid time that faces us now?

Managing Change doesn’t quite cut it – Managing Change is typically about adjusting to a large and specific event. As we know, in the current world, change is constant, so we need to get comfortable with that. Helping people to operate successfully in VUCA environments may be the logical thing for L&D departments to focus on right now.

A VUCA environment is one that is

  • Volatile

  • Uncertain

  • Complex and

  • Ambiguous

And if that doesn’t describe the world right now, I’m not sure what does!

Managing people right now is less about control, command and delegation, and more about support, challenge, and responsibility.

Our ready-written session – Lead Transition in VUCA Environments is designed to be run virtually and can help managers to move from survival mode into a position where they can help their team to thrive. Why not take a look and download free Key Points Sheet and sample slides?

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