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Set new managers up for success

Line managers are often promoted for their success in operational/technical roles. It is meant to be seen as a reward. But management skills are completely differently different to technical skills, and it shouldn't be assumed that success in one will lead to success in the other.

We know that a general induction is important for those joining the organisation, but people being recruited into management positions need a separate (additional) induction. New managers need to understand what’s expected of them, what support is available to them, and how to do things properly.

A lack of a manager’s induction causes problems down the line: Inconsistent approaches to people management, having to go back to basics with experienced managers and the HR team getting way too involved way too often as small people problems haven’t been handled properly from the start.

I understand that line managers are a large population and are often dispersed. I understand that it is costly to comprehensively train a large number of people in so many skills. I also understand that they come to the role with vastly different skills and experiences, so one size doesn't necessarily fit all. But PLEASE, for the sake of those people, your business and our economy, provide them with SOMETHING!

A properly designed, flexible new manager's programme should be priority training for every organisation. But that takes time to put in place. It needs to cover values, processes, procedures AND skills and that takes time to put together. Some elements are highly bespoke, yet others are more generic. The Power Hour New Managers' Programme (available for face-to-face OR virtual delivery) can provide managers with the skills foundation they need, allowing you to focus your design time on the more bespoke elements. It also makes sure that future management development can assume a base-line of skills, making it more effective.

Why not get that foundation in place the easy way?

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