This session on asserting yourself aims to help people to identify why assertive behaviour is sometimes difficult, and the specific blocks and barriers that get in the way. It then goes on to explore a useful three-step technique for being assertive that can be applied in a wide range of situations.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour attendees will be able to:


·         Describe some of their assertive rights, and why these are important

·         Identify and display assertive behaviours

·         Apply a three-step model to assert themselves in a wide range of situations


Download the Free Key Points Sheet  and PowerPoint Slides here to get a taste of the content.

Assert Yourself - PDF Version

  • The Outline for this session is as follows:

     •Welcome and Introduction – Trainer and delegate input

     •Assertive Rights  – Group discussion

     •Assertive Rights Questionnaire (Optional) – Individual activity and trainer-led discussion

     •Assertive Behaviour  - Group exercise

     •Assertive Behaviour in Practice (Optional) – Mini role plays

     •Being Assertive: The SEW Model – Trainer input and group work

     •The SEW Model in practice (Optional) – Mini role plays

     •Making and refusing assertive requests – Trainer input and mini role plays

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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