Resilience has become recognised as a key factor in success and mental well-being over the last decade. In modern organisations (and indeed in modern life) change is normal. People are always having to adapt to changing goal-posts. Sometimes, things that are worked on so hard one month are abandoned the next. People are let down by people they trust. There may be a lack of clarity about priorities leading to frustration and, well, things simply go wrong!


All of this can lead to stress and frustration. Over time, this not only affects performance levels but also our well-being and mental health. Adaptability and resilience are increasingly attributes that lead to success at work.


This Power Hour Expert session aims to increase delegates' awareness and understanding of resilience so that they can take practical steps to build their personal resilience.


In particular, by completing this Power Hour session, they will be able to:

  • Describe (in broad terms) what resilience is and why it is important
  • Recognise the foundations that underpin resilience
  • Describe the habits of resilient people
  • Select at least one practical action to develop their own resilience


To get a flavour of what is covered, you can download the FREE Key Points Sheet and view a SELECTION of the PowerPoint slides in pdf format (more slides are provided upon purchase)

Build Resilience - VIRTUAL Session (PDF Version)

  • The core session can be run in an hour, but there is sufficient material to run a half-day session. Here's a brief overview of the session:

    • Introduction and Objectives - Trainer-led discussion
    • Understanding Resilience - Group exercise to explore what resilience is and why it is important. There are then 3 optional exercises to cover this in more detail: A short video, a self-assessment questionnaire, and a group exercises to explore the characteristics of resilient people.
    • A Good Foundation - Small group exercise and trainer-led discussion to explore the underlying factors of good resilience.
    • Emotions, Feelings and Moods - A short trainer-led discussion about the role of these in building resilience.Optional exercise to explore this in more detail.
    • 10 Habits of Resilient People - An explanation of 10 habits and practical actions, each supported with an optional activity (anything from 5 to 20 minutes) to explore the habits in more detail.
    • Make it work at work - Review and practical action planning.

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