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Editable training materials to run a virtual training course on performance review interviews.


This session on conducting a performance review interview (appraisal) aims to help you understand the characteristics of effective reviews, and how to make sure that YOUR performance review interviews have them.


It focusses on the structure and skills of effective performance review interviews, as well as considering the on-going things that you should be doing to manage the performance of your team.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour you will be able to:


  • Identify the characteristics of effective appraisals
  • Describe a useful structure for the appraisal discussion
  • Recognise the skills of effective appraisals.
  • Suggest how appraisals can be followed up to maximise their impact.


Although the core session is just 60 minutes, this Power Hour can run to a full half-day if you include all the extra, optional sections making it phenomenal value for money.


Download the Free Key Points Sheet  and SELECTED PowerPoint Slides to get a taste of the content. Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase. (Virtual Sessions include more slides to make delivery easier)

Conduct a Performance Review - Virtual Session

  • The Outline for this session is as follows:

     •Welcome and Introduction – Trainer and delegate input

     •Characteristics of Good Appraisals - Group (post-it note) exercise

     •Structuring an Appraisal – Trainer input and group (card sort) activity

     •Exploring the purpose and best practice tips of each stage -  (Optional) Small group exercise

     •Appraisal Skills – Case study review and trainer-led discussion

     •Practising the skills – (Optional) Role plays (briefs provided)

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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