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Editable training materials on customer service.


This session on customer service aims to help you to understand the importance of good customer service and its impact on business success. More than that though, it focusses on the specific behaviours that make service good (or not) in the eyes of the customer, and introduces a model for delivering quality service every time you interact with a customer. Although written from a face-to-face perspective, reference to customer service on the telephone is referred to throughout.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour you will be able to: 

  • State some of the effects of good (or poor) customer service on business success
  • Describe what constitutes good customer service
  • Explain the 5 “F”s of customer service, and what they look like in your organisation
  • Identify practical things that you can do to provide good service every time you interact with a customer.


Download the Free Key Points Sheet and PowerPoint Slides in PDF format to get a flavour of the content. Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Customer Service

  • The Outline for this session is as follows: 

    •Welcome and Introduction – Trainer and delegate input

    •What Good Looks Like (intro to the Circle of Control) – Reverse brainstorm exercise

    •Where are we now? – Customer Service questionnaire (Optional)

    •Customer Service behaviours -  (Optional) Card sort activity

    •The Five Fs of Customer Service – Trainer input and small-group work to explore each in detail.

    •Demonstration of the Five F’s – (Optional) Delegate demonstration

    •Customer Service on the Telephone – (Optional) Trainer input and group discussion

    •Summary and putting it into practice

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