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This Make a Presentation Power Hour aims to help delegates to deliver a presentation with confidence. Whilst few people enjoy presenting, it can be source of stress for many. Poorly delivered presentations are of no benefit to the audience, but it isn't necessary to be an inspirational speaker to have an impact. This Power Hour is all about helping delegates to make a presentation that engages the audience so that their message is understood and remembered.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour delegates will be able to:


  • Describe what good presenters do
  • Prepare to run a presentation, and get their nerves in check
  • Gain and retain their audience’s attention
  • End their presentation with confidence.


You can download the PowerPoint slides and Free Key Points Sheet in PDF format to get an idea of the content.

Deliver a Presentation - PDF Version

  • The session covers the following:

    • Introduction and Objectives (including a one-minute presentation by everyone!)
    • OPTIONAL exercise to explore what people love and hate about presentations
    • What Good Looks Like - Group exercise
    • OPTIONAL input and exercise on the Circle of Control to help people to focus!
    • Preparing to make a presentation - Group exercise and discussion
    • Make an impact - Trainer led discussion and delegate exercise
    • OPTIONAL - mini role plays to practice opening a presentation
    • Maintaining Attention: Body Language - Trainer input and mini exercises
    • Maintaining Attention: Voice - Trainer input and mini exercise
    • OPTIONAL - Presentation Practice
    • Great Endings - Trainer input and individual exercise
    • OPTIONAL - Alternate endings exercise
    • Make it Work at Work - How to apply learning in their role.
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