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We all know the importance of managers balancing their time between task, team and individuals; between the important and the urgent; and the need to treat people as individuals, if they want to succeed. These are the foundations of good management and leadership.


But once ‘business as usual’ is taking care of itself, leaders and managers can start to fulfil their main purpose, which is to drive performance, innovate and build the future. They can’t do this if they are micro-managing day-to-day operations.


Editable training materials to develop an empowering leadership style.


Adopting an 'Empowering' Leadership Style will enable leaders to step back, and team members to step up. This means the simple decisions are made at the lowest level possible rather than cluttering up the leaders day with small decisions and trivial matters.


This workshop is all about creating this atmosphere and adopting this leadership style. By completing this Workshop you will be able to:


  • Describe the benefits of being an empowering leader.
  • Recognise the characteristics of empowering leaders.
  • Identify blocks, barriers and traps that make being an empowering leader difficult.
  • Describe specific actions that will develop an empowering leadership style.


Download the Free Key Points Sheet and view copies of the PowerPoint Slides in pdf format to get a taste of the content. Remember though that the workshop is highly interactive, and this isn't wholly represented in these materials. Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Empowering Leadership

  • Session outline:

    • Introduction and Objectives
    • What do we mean by 'empowered'? - Group exercise and discussion
    • Empowering Behaviours - Group exercise and discussion
    • What stops us from empowering others? - OPTIONAL Group exercise, trainer input and discussion
    • Leadership 'Traps' - Trainer input and group (card sort) activity with OPTIONAL additional discussion-based activity
    • Building Trust - Input and group exercise to explore what trust is and how to build it.
    • First Steps to Empower People - EITHER Trainer input and discussion (short version) OR group (flipchart) activity, discussion and trainer input (long version)
    • The emotional bank account - OPTIONAL trainer input, group exercise and discussion
    • Make it work at work - How to apply the learning
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